Arecanut Product Uses & Benefits

Biodegradable & Compostable

Eco Green plates are completely natural. The arecanut sheaths completely decompose into the soil within a period of 50-60 days. They can be used as organic compost in people’s gardens after using them as plates in your parties. These are green organic products which are much needed to protect the environment.

Natural & Attractive appearance

There are no colours or any external material used to make these products. Water and heat are the only two components used in the production process. The colours of the sheaths are whitish and creamish with natural brown stripes in some which give them a wonderful appeal. Infact many users don’t feel like throwing them after using them.

Hygienic & Chemical Free

The sheaths are washed properly with fresh water during the production process. They are also heated to temperatures above 90 degree centigrade which ensures that they are completely germ free. Infact many people having knowledge of ayurveda claim that the natural qualities of the arecanut sheath are very healthy, which makes them more preferable than any other disposable plates. Our quality control procedures, right from raw material collection to packaging, ensure high level of hygiene even without adding any chemicals.

Sturdy & Light

The dimensional stability of the product is amazing. It is as light as any other disposable plate like styrofoam and as sturdy as melanin or glass crockery. The extra edges of the products make it very comfortable for holding. This is probably the only disposable plate available which can be used in buffet parties.

Liquid Holding Capacity

Even though the material is light yet it is 2-3mm thick which enables it to hold liquids very easily. It can hold liquid items for 2-3 hours without affecting its shape. Thus it is very comfortable to have and serve gravy items in these plates. One can also serve hot food in it without any worry. Though disposable yet Eco Green plates have all the qualities of a regular plate.

Microwave & Refrigerator Safe

One of the big advantages of these plates is that they can be used in the microwave and the refrigerator. You can heat the food in the microwave and serve it directly in them. Similarly after using the plates one can directly store the remaining food in the refrigerator.