Banana fiber is used for the following purposes:

Banana fibers are of great help to the handicraft and textile industry. With the new innovation, what was earlier considered to be agricultural waste is now used to produce good quality silk-like fiber yarn.

To make currencies, bond papers, and specialty papers which can last for 100 years.

As a very good replacement for wood pulp in paper industry, as it has high cellulose content, thus reducing the Environmental impact of deforestation

In making composite materials as a replacement for fiber glass

For manufacturing mattresses, pillows and cushions in the furniture industry.

In handicraft, extensively for making bags, purse, mobile phone cover, door mats, curtains, and yoga mats etc.

In the manufacture of textiles

Research is underway to find out other uses of this fiber


In current world scenario, the banana fiber is being extensively used as a blending material in textile industry, A Vast market is in the countries of U.S.A., European Union, Malaysia, Philippines and in Korea, Japan currency (Yen) is made out of Banana fiber, the export of fiber will earn considerable foreign exchange, to our country, By establishing proper integration with product manufacturing unit and export linkages, no doubt a revolution can be brought in this sector.