What it is?

Eco Green plates are made from the sheath of arecanut (betelnut) plants which falls along with the leaf. The arecanut palm is one of the important commercial crops of North East & South West. Though the betelnut is used widely in various forms yet the sheath attached to the leaf of arecanut tree is used in a limited manner and generally treated as a waste. The arecanut sheath is used to make disposable plates and bowls which can be utilized for eating and serving food. The plates made out of arecanut sheaths have better dimensional stability besides being hygienic and are biodegradable. The sheaths are collected form arecanut plantations, brought to manufacturing units, cleaned and processed to make high quality products. No chemical is whatsoever is used in the production process. The plates and bowls produced by the rural entrepreneurs are supplied to a centralized procurement facility of TPMC, where quality control and packaging is done and then sold all over Bangladesh.

The qualities of the raw material makes these plates much better than the existing disposable plates available in the market, made out of plastic & thermocol. Due to its attractive appearance and dimensional stability, they are widely used in many parties from small occasions of birthdays to large marriages. It is also preferred by commercial food chains, caterers, sweet shops because of its ease of use and tension free disposal. It is not only good for the environment but also a better product than the other substitutes available in the market.