Earlier, banana fiber was extracted through a complicated and slow manual process. The stem covering is scrapped by a metal scrapper and the fiber is separated. The technology to extract banana fiber which involves an anaerobic (without oxygen) process. Enzymes produced in an anaerobic reactor are used to separate the fibers. Once the process of separation of fibers gets completed the fibers are then washed and dried in sunlight. The fiber thus obtained is pure white in color. The banana fiber extracting machine will be promoted among poor farmers and small rural entrepreneurs.

The traditional process of banana fiber is set to change with the invention of the banana fiber separator machine. One of the fascinating features of this machine is that it uses agriculture waste of banana harvest to produce silk-like fibers.

Reduces drudgery.
Fifty times increase in fiber production compared to manual process.
User friendly & economic.
Less maintenance cost and safe to operate.
Clean work atmosphere.
30 kg of fiber production per day.
Superior quality fiber in terms of length and softness, strength & color.